"Friends and Trust"

I logged into my Guju group friendster today and came across a girl's shout-out of her friend "breaking her trust". This shit was getting old I thought and after that I deleted my personal friendster account last year. Too many dumb people seek friendship online, I think I probably have like 10 close friends whom I call every 3 months to catch up on the skinny 

I still hate my boyfriend's sisters and I don't know how I am going to like them when we get married.

After some time I deleted my group friendster too. Yeah, I used to own Guju World I and II. He he he he. I had admin rights. I used to give private testimonials to my sisters and their friends. I felt so much better after deleting it. People I added looked sluttier and dumber. And relatives kept breathing down my neck to check their kids' accounts for drunk-shots and slutty poses. *roll eyes So I hit Delete once and for all.


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