Cynthia Lennon

After reading her book about her life saga spanning during-before and after John Lennon's death, I have come to hate Yoko more. I have always hated her hair and her glasses which made her looked like a Chow Kit hooker, more than the bohemian bitch she wanted to look like. I don't understand how a guy like John can go for a scum bag like Yoko Ono. To me (since Im an Asian I know better) she is a typical Japanese. She was probably trained under the WW2 Bushido and if you have read The Flyboys then you would not be a bit surprised at her crudeness, rudeness and blunt attitude towards people around her-especially John's ex wife. Japanese are by nature similar in many ways to the Chinese. They are moving towards atheism and they are not the close-knit community that shower each other with love and affection. Quite the contrary-these people are materialistic. They are selfish and just as the book goes- its quite rare for them to show a streak of humanity. They pride themselves better off than the rest of the human civilization. What not with that ugly yellow skin, pig-noses and slits of an eye. My theory on John Lennon's death is that he was murdered by Yoko herself. She never loved him, I can imagine myself as her seeing past John and his fortune. Firstly I'd have to get rid of this wife, impregnate myself and then plant the last seed of destruction-murder. Its quite obvious that she sent-out to kill him, besides she was nearby when the "incident" happened. This to me is her way of making sure he was dead. She is a Japanese and let us not forget they still have strong kamikaze spirits bubbling in them.


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