Mum's Saree Business

Well, it started off on a shaky ground, someone tried to rip-off my mum but her bestie came in to her rescue and she got her money back. Luck must have been on her side, because she got a second deal from someone in KL whom was running saree whole sale business-he was selling for real dirt cheap and my mum liked his stuff so she bought a whole loot of it and started selling it off from home. I took some pictures of the sarees, and I'm bout to open a whole new fashion blog dedicated to selling her sarees somewhere next month..if that works well for me, then hell I won't need this job anymore! 

Some preview of what's coming soon!

Two-Toned purple Saree in Scales

I took this for myself- RM 160


  1. beautiful sarees.
    I once wore a saree before, and it makes me feel beautiful~~ I love saree~~