I don't know who might be reading my blog from what I think I know it may be my bitchy aunt's daughters, some unwanted in laws and the rest of the world. I haven't ranted in ages and I know its sort of destructive to do that but today I came across a piece of information, something to do with family, family ties and maintaining status quo relationships with people whom are not immediate family members. Let me begin with my 5 sister in laws. Bawdy as SOME of they are, I wish these ribald girls would see their sole brother, as in my lovely husband as a provider, a messiah or maybe a savior of some sort, given the amount of good deeds he has done that has gone unnoticed amongst these boobish and unbecoming women. One of them farts in public, leaves a trail of debris in her wake of cooking spree and is too doltish to know what a flavored cheese is, the second neither picks up my phone or answers any of my Viber messages, talks prolonged gribberish, what a diatribe it is listening to her babble away and the rest I will clump them into a single word that describes them the best-meh (but only because I don't know when too well to rant) What could possibly have gone wrong has gone wrong with them, that much I can tell you. None the looker, sometimes I wonder if they know the thin line that differentiates right to wrong. If they know and admit that they're daft, they truly are. It appears that only joy in life is to know that soft tofu can also be blanched. God help them, if stupid is what stupid is

The second rant is about my extended family members whom are nice to me but are actually full of horseshit and totally untrustworthy. So this category of people I call them dickheads. Sometimes I wonder if I have told them too much or give myself away too much, in fear that it will come back and bite me. So its best to distant myself from them, just in case the latter occurs at some point in my life

The last category is for my bitchy aunt and her family. I utterly hate them and if they are reading this, please go fuck yourselves and give me whats mine rightfully


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