Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wisdom Tooth

Sunday, August 10, 2008 0 Comments
My adult/wisdom tooth is bothering me...its been hurting every time I eat something sweet or sometimes when Im free and idling about and my gums decide it would be a good time to play around with my tooth and induce some pain to bother me for a bit. *sigh
I opened the envelope of results I collected from uni today and MMU has forgotten to include the 1st page of my transcript!! So my results are incomplete. This would require more time wasted going back to the very place I didn't want to go back unless something really important happened and someone decides to bomb my uni during peak hours or Monday lunch. Of this I would rush and be the first to Youtube to u bit-by-bit events LIVE from my blog.

My lovely boyfriend, how can I stay mad at him forever? I know sometimes he's such an ass, but I love that ass!! He did the sweetest thing he could have done, he called and cried over the phone, said he was missing his parents and (yours truly!!)

My boyfriend.


Sunday, August 10, 2008 0 Comments
Today is one of the bittersweet days of my life that made significant impact that would last for 2 months before something better overshadows this event. Today I officially graduated from University. I was expecting Tun Hasmah to pass out the scrolls, I so wanted to tell her that I admired her and her husbands work and contribution to the country. *sigh She was absent today. My dreams slashed.....anyways the bright side was the replacement guy remembered my name and said congratulations priti, to which I replied over-enthusiastically "thank you, thank you very much" There goes the 3 seconds fame I'd ever get from MMU.

Also, this is the first ever shot of me in this blog