Monday, October 26, 2009

Italiannies@Mid Valley Gardens

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After a whole day of bouncing around in places, we settled down for a heavy meal at Italianness in Gardens. I have always loved this place. I used to work in their main branch in One U back in Uni days. They had changed the menu and added in 5 more dishes into it. I stuck to the best tasting vege food available. Food was good, portions were OK, pizza was fantastic. Dessert was smacking tasty. Loved it all.

Starters: Toasted bruschetta and Spinach & artichoke formaggio  
Main course : Pizza (damn I forgot the name but we asked to remove the chicken)
Dessert : Tiramisu



Classic martini and tropical sunshine

Tiramisu, loved it so much

Tab : RM 159 inc tax

Tip : RM 20

Dinner on New Year

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For New Year, since Priyu came back I made 3 dishes. Lemon-mango duck (Priyu's favorite), sweet-sour chicken and duck-princess spicy sambal. I loved it all! I used all mock meat.

After the jump

Princess-duck spicy sambal

Sweet sour chicken

 Duck in mango-lemon sauce

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Thai Massage

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I went to Mid Valley few days back to do some shopping to restock on my food supplies and get some new tees for work. I chanced upon a Thai Massage shop and "promptly" went in! LOL
The massage was slow and sensual; not quite as good as the one I had in Thailand. But for one hour RM 47.50 (with tax) the massage was worth it. I don't remember what the shop's called but it on the left-hand-side of F.O.S located on the 2nd floor. (Don't know which wing, sorry folks)
She started off with a a cup of some herbal tea, then since my jeans was uber-tight I changed into loose pants and she proceeded to prod my legs while i lie down on a beach-type chair with a cooling eye pad over my eyes. I was surprised I didn't sleep off right there and then. So I had 45 mins of leg massage and he last 15 mins she pulled my arms here and there and pushed my neck muscles. It did feel good afterwards!

So here's some pictures after the jump

Had forgotten to shave my legs! *embarrassing*

Drinks With BFF @ Chili's Mid Valley

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I had completely forgotten to meet up with Manggai at 4 on a Monday evening till she called and reminded me. I was halfway thru a biscuit and I rushed to shower, changed my clothes and ran out of the house. I was in luck I got the bus in time! Manggai and I had dinner and drinks in Chilli's, Mid Valley. How did we finally meet up? By chance, on the other day I was going to the Indian salon to get my face waxed and stripped in prep for Diwali and on my way back I bumped into Manggai (who was also headed to the same place to shape her eyebrows!) This was my first time to Chili's in MV. The toilet was smelly and I felt sorry for the diners seated near the toilet. But other than that, Chili's was good. I liked Chili's @ KLCC best. I had 3 mugs of margaritas ( RM 5 off during happy hours), bottomless chips, Manggai ordered some soup and salad. All together the tab came up to RM 89. (I was expecting it to go up to RM 100)

After much munching and refilling of chips, and months and months of collected gossips to be exchanged over drinks we left. I was pleasantly high for a while, we went to Jewelery shops, ended up in Watson's and by the time I reached home I was 100% sober again. I was sad the day ended so fast. Sigh.
So here's some pictures after the jump!

Bottomless toastes chips (damn these were addictive!)

The mushroom and chicken (no chicken present, maybe they just added the ESSENCE of chicken and named it mushroom + chicken soup!!)

Salad was good because Manggai didn't complain about it

1st Mug

2nd Mug

3rd Mug (Can you see a sad swirl of Grenadine on top?)

2 gorgeous ladies!!

I witnessed a Burning Car Today

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I was walking to work actually and as I deeply breathed in the fresh and dewy morning air I saw wafting black smoke across the sky. I thought someone might be burning some "sampah" early in the morning (as early as 7AM) but as I crossed to the main road and passed the local kindergarten I saw a black car going up in smokes. There were a small crowd witnessing the car's slow death as if it were some kind of early morning opera show. The guard from the opposite side of a posh International school was mumbling something to me. He had wanted me to walk the other lane, far away from the smoke because as I was passing the car something *popped* into the air. The car hood was open and there was a bit of a fire. Mostly smoke

So I quickly whipped out my handphone from the depth of my bag and took some pictures, Here's some pictures after the jump

A far shot really...but the best I could do on a 2 Mega Pixel

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The World's 10 Best & Worst Lovers

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There you have it

In print and online (from Yahoo!)

World's Worst Lovers: World's Best Lovers:
1. Germany (too smelly) 1. Spain
2. England (too lazy) 2. Brazil
3. Sweden (too quick) 3. Italy
4. Holland (too dominating) 4. France
5. America (too rough) 5. Ireland
6. Greece (too lovey-dovey) 6. South Africa
7. Wales (too selfish) 7. Australia
8. Scotland (too loud) 8. New Zealand
9. Turkey (too sweaty) 9. Denmark
10. Russia (too hairy) 10. Canada

Female Restroom Part 3

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So I logged a case few weeks back regarding the transparent untinted windows of the female restroom on the A block of my office. After the jump...

Someone did report a case

And I got an email reply stating that...

...temporary corrective action was taken, to which I replied with an email (I just remembered that I had deleted the mails my Sent folder) but I had the picture saved on my Desktop...

And Im still waiting for the pending action to really execute in action.