Saturday, August 22, 2009

Going off for now

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I was searching online for the bestest way to promote my blog, and I remembered something Jet Son told me few months back about an Ad-site called nuffnag and I registered my blog there. They put some ads on my blog, and in return I get to cash in for every ads visitors visit. Alternatively, I joined Scratch Back and put up a "tip" jar for users to tip me and subscribe me to post their ads.
I did am major haul on the blog, removed all my old widgets, spent the whole day searching for skins and widgets and ways to make quick money online. I took the skin from JackBook. Did some grammar editing, although its still not perfected yet. My Malaysian English is getting me nowhere. Lol!
Anyways off for today. Looking forward to go home tomorrow.
Satish and my UK aunt are both coming down to Malaysia tomorrow.
Satish on a 6AM flight from Dubai
UK aunt on a 9.45PM flight from London
Me? Can't wait to see my Ed Hardy tops I bought online

Lost comment

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I'm playing with new blog skins at the moment, and I lost the one and only comment Julie Bell gave me...but I had backup my old settings and here's the comment! Gosh I love Julie & Boris' paintings. Even Rococo painters didn't draw women that sensually. I'm saving up to buy a reproduction from them, by end of this year. Since I have yet to get Priyu a proper birthday gift a B&J would be perfect. Check out Jule and Boris' work

Wake Up Call

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I woke up this morning at 5.15 when my alarm went off. But then I rolled over and thought "ahh, what a bliss, its the weekends" and went back to sleep. Couple seconds later, I opened my eyes and went like "but I still have one more day to go, and I had planned to wear my Shiroi Neko on Saturday and today IS Saturday!!" Crap! I woke up with a jolt, creaked the already broken floorboards and I checked the time. 5.18AM! I thought it was over 6 AM something!

I had a quick shower, swallowed my breakfast and got ready to go to work. But I had woken up feeling very sleep though. As if I didn't have enough sleep last night. But I slept at 10ish and I woke up this morning 2 mins later than usual. Hmmmm....what gives?

At work. I came to my desk to find my teammate on the phone with a Sans Serif. He was apparently looking for a The Spirit's number. Which he somehow didn't manage and after 9 minutes of mumbling and apologising to Sans, he wanted to pass the receiver to me. Hey I just got here! I haven't even turned on the PC yet!

Of course he didn't know how to put two people on conference call. Before I lost my rag, I took the receiver from him

"Wats up Sans?"

"Can you call The Spirit and put him through please?"

"Ok, just give me a min, Ill look him up"

I opened my company's internal version of instant messenger, typed  in The Spirit's name, checked his mobile number and got him on the line in less that 2 mins.

Sigh, 9 mins to retrieve a fucking phone number. Fucking unbelievable.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Shiroi Nekos have Arrived!

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I was skeptical about buying online, but I went ahead and made a purchase anyway. That was last month. Within a week I received my tops. All in mint condition except for some black marks on my white tee, it was all good, right down to the gold words (I don't know if this is gold or some shinning goldish looking plastic material) But hey I got my tops, and I'm happy with the purchase and Im planning to buy some more!
Feast your eyes! Sorry only got 3 pictures. The last one Dips nicked before I could take the pic!
Top 1, this one I'm leaving for my brother

LA D*Ink front

LA D*Ink Back

I forgot the name, but this is by far the favorite among me and my siblings. Priyu wanted this, so I will get it for her next month

The lady with gun-back

Lovely isnt it!!! I am happy!! It took about 10 days for the shipment to arrive from Bangkok.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Made some Pizzaz

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My first attempt at making pizzas

The dough came up nicely; mixture of tepung gandum, honey, salt, extra virgin olive oil and dry yeast

First round of pizza going in

Coming out~

After much attempts later, we bhabhi and I decided to cook the pizza on the pan first I love my toppings though. Lots of mozzarella and Parmesan, pineapple chunks, ball pepper and onions

But it didnt rise in the microwave; even though it was set to 250 Celsius at 40 mins
I think I will resort to ready-made dough and make my own sauce

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some rantings + a dream

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I am feeling very depressed these days. Seems like nothing can cheer me up. Even I cant cheer myself up. My feelings and emotions are bottled up inside and I feel like screaming out loud! I think the main reason Im like this is because Satish is far away from me. He was suppose to come back this month but some financial glitch is holding him back. Last night I had an angry dream. My family went to the beach and my bitchy aunt's family joined in too. Along with the Perak bean counters. We ended up quarreling and bickering. I cried in my dreams because I was hairy and I couldn't run away from these geezers. I had wanted to go to the "clean side" of the beach and snorkel at the smaller islands. I finally managed to leave, but I was lost and I realized I had run all the way to the town. Luckily some security guards on smoke break showed me the right way and I back-tracked to the clean beach for a much deserved swim

After all the swimming done, I swam up to one of the smaller islands and rested on of the roofed-lawn-type-benches. I realise my bikini string top was loose on my shoulders so I tied it up. Just when I thought I was done, I heard a voice over the mounted speakers saying "will the girl with the pink bikini please tie up, your bikini is loose" I was soo embarassed I ran to the public washroom, locked it from inside and changed my bikini inside out. Luckily I was wearing a double colored one. Now its green. *sigh 

I had a long long day. I went back out and stole a towel. I saw the sun had set. I had missed the last boat to the mainland. I tried looking for a place to stay but all the hotels were booked full. I then noticed some hippies carrying mattresses into the washrooms. What could they be doing? I followed them and saw that they had laid out the mattresses on the shower cubicles and they were sleeping on it! One of them took pity on me and handed me a mattress. I was too tired to say anything so I took it and laid it on an empty shower stall, right next to the toilet cubicle. I was fidgeting on the mattress, all kinds of thoughts ran thru my mind. Hygiene. Mattress. Shower stall. What. Was. I. Thinking. Just then I heard the next door cubicle slam shut and heard someone peeing. Then someone splashed water and it hit my face. I arose with anger, threw the mattress aside and scrubbed my face with water and ran off the washroom. I waded to the sea, tears in eyes and I swam back to the mainland. I was guided by the hotels' blinking lights.

At last I reached the shore and went back to the hotel. By time I reached my family's cheap suite I was in full blown mad. I screamed at everyone, made my family pack and we checked-out right away from the shoddy hotel. We went to the "cleaner side" and checked-in in a posh hotel. The hell with my bitchy aunt and the rest of the bean counters

Finally! I exclaimed. I had a long luxurious bath in a rose-scented jacuzzi, then some called-in vegetarian food and then a good long sleep. I woke up right after this. Thinking..I slept in a toilet??? This is probably the weirdest dream I ever had. And the beach I dreamed all this happened was Port Dickson. 

Some dream!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wasting time

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Im finally free now, passing time reading my own blog entries. I cant wait to go home, another hour to go for my shift to end! I hope that new guy comes on time. He's been late ever since he joined the team. Coming in at 8.45 when work starts at 8. Might as well come at 9 or 10am. Or maybe after lunch, like at about 2pm~

I'm mean I know. But I'm really a nice person once you get to know me better. But sadly my team members don't think the same. Here's what some beaners think of me

Im usually quiet unless talked to/provoked= Im a showoff/airhead

Im not anti-social, I just don't enjoy your company that much = showoff!!

I'm going to make it big one day = day-dreamer

*sigh, and the list goes on....

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