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Langkawi Trip III : Food

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Here comes the food post! 

We ate at a Thai seafood shop, the only attraction at this place? Sexily dressed she-men, food was lousy. I'd rate this place 3/10. Yes, it's that bad
I had meager portion of rice and vege..the waitress promptly forgot all about our fish dish after a big group of white people came in
Dinner the following night at Royal Palace or something in Pantai Cenang. The food was OK, the naan was dry, the curry dishes were burnt and instead of washbasin there was a jug of water and a patch of plants to wash your hands and rinse your mouth
Some muck
I'm saving the best for the last. I had been telling my family to go to T-Jay's all along but after 2 days of eating not so great food they finally decided to follow my heed and we came here for a scrumptious dinner of pizzas, hell they even custom made one with my mum's choice of topping
My mum's pizza

The bread sticks were great, hell I was full eating those sticks 

The wash basin at Palace of India, Pantai Cenang Langkawi
Rotten Indian food

Langkawi Trip II : Alcohol Shopping

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The highlight of my recent trip to Langkawi was the tax-free or locally known as duty-free shopping. I bought 6 bottles of liquors, inclusive of two bottles of smooth sweet wines, a bottle of vodka, French liquor, Malibu, Portugal sweet wine, several miniature bottles of vodka (Xmas gift exchange for a colleague at work) and 3 bottles of miniature Alize

This mug came free with the promo pack

So if you drink too much of Absente you will start seeing triples

Are you looking at me?

AH, the bliss

The last one my sister took it away before I could snap a shot of it

The packaging of my Absente

More shots of 16 degrees

Great wine selection

16 Degrees, a boutique shop in Kuah town specializing in exotic imported liquors at rock-bottom prices

Also bought Danish cookies, which reminded me of my childhood

I used to eat this alot when I was a kid

Langkawi Trip I

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At this point, I am too lazy to type so I'll just post some pictures and come back later to edit if I feel like it
Cable Car Ride. I was napping in one of the pondoks while my family queued up for the ride. I had gone up earlier with Satish some years back and didn't want to overwrite the memories we had back then
Passing by Bukit Dayang Bunting, note the shape of a woman lying on her back. On your left, is the head, her boobs, the hint of hands folded just below her chest and a bulging stmach)
Some underwater caves we passed by. The island-hopping cost me RM 250 for a private boat, for 4 hours
AH, the sun was shinning and I was getting my tan
Snorkeling at Pulau Payar. I'd rate this place 5/10. Polluted water, dead corals and meager amount of fish. The only highlight here were the baby sharks
The sharks
Fishes swarming breads tossed from the jetty aboard
Plane ride back

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Artisan Pizza @Kuah Town, Langkawi

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I'm going to put some several entries of my Langkawi trip beginning with the food entries first. My sister was nagging me about Artisan Pizza which was apparently well known and well reviewed in TripAdvisor so we decided to eat our lunch there. We weren't disappointed, the food was scrumptious, the bread-stick was crispy, the mushroom soup was so delicious I wiped off two bowls.

Here are some pictures after the jump

Mushroom soup and bread
Spinach and feta cheese pizza. They had a great selection of vegetarian pizzas here
Curry Masala Pizza (vegetarian)
Chicken something Pizza
Chicken Pizza

Viking Seafood @ Permatang Pasir, Banting

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We ordered second refill of the fried rice, it was that good and we all ate like pigs
Baby kailan, cooked without Chinese wine because of the Muslim patrons that came to the restaurant. We saw at least 3 tables of them here.
Tom Yum cooked fish, which my brother said was fresh because the fish melted in his mouth. Really? That's how it works?

Not in the picture is the sizzling tofu, which was great and soft, and it didn't smell of egg (usually Japanese tofu reeks of egg)

The best seafood in Banting is in Viking Seafood in Jugra near Permatang Pasir. It's an off road location which even my GPS did not find it. We had to squeeze thru narrow road just to reach there. Just when you thought you were lost, you come across a signboard that says Viking Seafood. It was windy that night and there was no moon due to eclipse so we couldn't see the sea, but while enjoying our dinner we got the chance to hear the sound of waves crashing ashore and lights blinking from sampans. Of the occasional lightning, I could make out Morib from the distance. According to the locals, we can boat from Kelanang to Morib from there.

Car Paint Job : Fixed

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After 6 months of driving my car with the front spoiler's paint scrapped off due to minor accidents my brother and I had, I had the car cemented, oiled, painted and polished in Banting. The Toyota dealer was charging me RM 250 for the job but a friend of my father's charged us only RM 80, and he even glued the loose car plate number back in place.


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Gluttony vs Boozing

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I read somewhere on the net that cancer among women is not contributed more likely due to obesity, as compared to smoking. Really? So it's ok to smoke but not ok to practice gluttony? You have got to be kidding me. What women should worry about is if they have actually achieved their goals in life. I know I sound like an overachiever but my parents have been pushing me to perform in life so when I see some family members that are content with raising babies and dumping diapers I go like WTF! Why study so much and so hard la, if the goal in life is to get married and pop the bun every 9 months. Not to mention the study loans, credit card bills thrown at family members after the marital departure and it ends up with the remaining un-married siblings to pay of the debts of the married woman. Or the debt being carried forward and paid by the husband. Ha ha ha. Got cheated into marrying a burden eh? And don't get me started on this Indian thing with the son of the house has to carry all the responsibility of the entire family. So if you have a gazillion female siblings and a handful of male siblings, so the sons are f*cked up with taking the responsibility of their female counterparts (i.e paying for their wedding, debts and credit card bills) Fortunately in my household, my brother is the youngest so he has the least expectations & burden from my parents. He's bit spoiled tho but no one's complaining. Sometimes I get upset when I see my fiancee struggling, ok I'm not going to go to details here because I heavens know who will be reading my blog. Just saying, there's no such thing as "it's my brother's responsibility" F*ck u! LOL

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Wedding at Banting

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I went to a schoolmate's wedding last weekend at PKNS, Banting. The wedding was simple but they had fondant cake! They gave us mugs as door gifts and mine fell and broke as we were making our way to the car. It slipped out of it's delicate boxed packing. *sigh* but the keh bahulu infused with pink coloring was tasty enough ( bit dry tho) Some pictures after the jump