Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Middle Eastern and Moghul Dinner

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This is what I had for dinner at Neo@Domain. Also I found some pubs which I'd want to check out with Satish when he comes back next month

The Malai Kofta and Jetson's lamb
Cheese, egg and some Arabian herbs
My favorite-tahinni, olive oiled chick pea hummus dip
Mandi Lamb
Ok, now this is not HUMMUS bread but more like CHAPPATI

I liked the fact that my lassi had that fresh cow's milk aftertaste in my mouth. I was afraid they might cheat it with some white cream concentrate like they do in most India restaurants but these guys here used long basmati rice grains and each of the food items we ordered tasted excellent (never mind the portions were small)

Total tab was 43.20 for 2 pax

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Working on Shifts Again

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I woke this afternoon coming to a sad realisation that I'd be getting hitched this year. Not something I'm looking forward to, lately Satish has been having yo-yo mood swings. There's so many things yet to be accomplished from my wish list, I still haven't done the island thing yet. And babies!! I mean I like babies but I wouldn't want one until I'm old enough (like when I'm in my 30s)

So now, with a lot of free time in my hands I'll continue with the island thing and check out which islands are left out in my list...hehe Satish is not going to be happy knowing that the fun things I do doesn't include him

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chinese New Year Party @ Work

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Thanks to the "great" folks a Finance we had a chance to yee sang this year, with addition of Lion Dance, buffet lunch and lucky draws

While everyone was busy looking for places to sit, I was busy taking pictures of the Lion Dance

The Lion Dance,they started at my block then moved to the MPH and finished off on the stage
The troop
Ahh, the food. I was taking pictures of the food when the guy on stage announced that the table was now open for lunch and I took the only vegetarian food on the menu-Dessert!
The green popiah,and my favorite of the day-tapioca keuh sprinkled with generous amount of gula Malacca!
The yee sang before it started...

Someone, Tony and Jet Son I think started with arranging and pouring the sauces and mixes on the plate

Lou Sang before...

and after yee sang was over....barely edible..but I took a few bites...for good luck! Everyone was pretty much wishing for the same thing, 15% pay increment, better working hours and a promotion!
My lunch plate
The scroll spelled Happy Chinese New Year. Yay, let's welcome the spirit of the Rabbit!
Gong xi Gong xi

Wisdom "Tabletop" removed

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So I am going to be starting on shifts again and since I got 2 days off, I decided to pay the dentist a visit to remove my hurting crown. It wasn't as bad as it was in 08 when my wisdom tooth hurt for 30 mins every time I eat. The throbbing got so bad that it affected my work. This time, I was wiser-get it out before it got to me

I went yesterday but the Indian lady said she can only give antibiotics but not perform the surgery right away (I think she wanted to go back home cos it was already 4PM) and rescheduled me today with the same dentist who did my tooth the last time around. 

After 2 numbing injection of anesthetics, he started with my tooth. The whole procedure lasted for about 30 mins and I walked out 700 ringgit poorer!

Cold food till the wound heals and an appointment next week to remove the stitching. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011


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I think the guy got the whole concept wrong but the bread was good and the dip was tasty so overall on a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give him 6 for effort

Hummus bread, and dip (with olive oil and tomato slice)
Close up of bread
My friend's rice and chicken
Yum Yum

Lunch @ Dengkil

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Chinese New Year over, everyone was in an ecstatic mood, so we decided to have our own "yee sang" at a Chinese restaurant in Dengkil. There were 8 of us, and 3 vege dishes to share, 2 type of chicken dishes-both fried but cooked with honey-lemon sauce and Marmite. A big-ass Tilapia and something else I forgotten what it was called. And sizzling tofu!!! Yippee!! Loved it all! 

Tilapia Fish RM28
Sizzling Tofu
Rice and steaming glass of Chinese tea
I don't know what this was....
The honey-lemon chicken and Marmite chicken