Monday, October 31, 2011

Vege Ham Burger Patties

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I woke up today rummaging thru an empty fridge. I was running low on food and had been rationing the damn fusili for weeks. But enough is enough, just because I am vacating this place doesn't mean I don't get to stock up on food, given how expensive eating out is in Cyber. I was in luck @Carrefour today, the vege ham looked fresh and the manufacturing date was last week! Wohoo! I missed preparing and eating burgers (they take so long to prepare and so fast to consume!) I forgot the order on where the salad and tomatoes go but managed to balance them out without the burger falling apart, only to have the cheese melt on the burger patty! In conclusion, the burgers were filling and they tasted good. To show you the goey-ness joy I had today that counted as lunch and dinner, here are some pictures. I finished it off with leftover orange slices and yoghurt drink

Cam Whore Winner : Pixlr

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I was cam whoring in the room the other day and emailed all the sexy shots to Satish. I'll put up the cropped edition of decent ones here...hehe
And the winner is Pixlr! For photoshop like tools without the hassle of opening the apps on your desktop. Ok, the lip touch-up look garish but the rainbow eyes look good, no?
Photo Plexer and Pixlr
Picnik Tool

Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Laptop@Dell Inspiron N5110

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I went to Low Yat the other day to purchase a laptop for myself and my brother. After a few hours of searching for the best 64bit & 2nd Gen i7 model, we settled on a Dell. Of course the moment I decided on the Dell my brother thought he'd get the same model too. Anyway the price was reasonable enough and it cost me RM 2600 for a pop

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Farewell Email

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Before I begin, allow me to give credit to Chris Kula who initiated his wickedly funny farewell email which inspired mine. Also I emailed him with my blog link (and forwarded him a copy i think?) I can't be sure but I did credit his work. I was leaving my old job and I wanted to make an "impacting" exit (haha) because there were some grievances and anger bottled up that I never quite got it raised out. You know, other that the usual low salary, there's this rotten egg that was always picking on my work and I was getting tired of cleaning up other peoples' mess all the time. Towards my final days at work, what amused me was the copycats that copied my emails-words, sentencing, grammar and all! One thing tho, someone kept mixing up the plural and singular words and typing them out incorrectly. Take this for example; leads' are plural and it shouldn't go lead's--that's singular, you asshole! So if someone wanted to address a whole bunch of leads, the email ought to go leads' not lead's!!

FYI this isn't right--lead's'----WTF is that??!!! That. Does. Not. Sound. English

If you wanted to copy my emails at least get them right!

Overall, I did enjoy my three year tenureship with my old company and they were generally some very nice people that I hung out and got wasted with. The rest were pretty much a blur and to this day I still haven't figured out some of their names...I kind of remind myself of this guy in Outsourced (more about him here)

Have fun reading my farewell email, I know I was laughing when I typed it

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Divorcee In The House

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So!!!! I was minding my own business, boiling pasta for lunch (I went back to my apartment for lunch) and on my way upstairs my eyes caught sight of something! One of my housemate is a recent divorcee (wedding lasted exactly 6 months) and after that fizzled out she moved back in last month with double the amount of things she had with her when she moved out. She had so many boxes, some are still left as it is around the house and frankly speaking all the junk made upstairs stuffy to walk about. Not to mention that she rudely moved my TV out and replaced her own telly on the TV cabinet.

As I was saying, I was walking upstairs and found that she had placed three white translucent boxes upstairs filled to the brim with her stuff. What caught my eye was a CD cover of her picture with a man. Upon close inspection I found that it was her wedding album. OK, so you probably think I am nosy or something but I just couldn't help it! I knew she was divorced because she told me on the day she was moving back in. The first thing that came in my mind was that she probably refused to blow him. Thean I'm like maybe he's gay! So I sneaked out the CD, took a picture of them both and stuffed it back in the box!

So, in conclusion the groom doesn't look half as bad (but Satish is way better looking that him) Men with mustaches-big turn off! So my theory is that he either cheated on her or he's a gay. 
Rocky Road
Sleuth at work

Monday, October 24, 2011

Inflamed Ligament

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The index finger on my left hand had been hurting for the past month  and while waiting Sri Penang to pack my food I paid a visit to the good old doc next door for a diagnosis. It didn't come out very well. My ligament was inflamed and she gave me 2 batches of Vitamin B2s (yuck, the smell!) some painkillers and a tube of weird smelling translucent applicant gel to apply on my finger. 

It's a long road to recovery. On the bright side, it's not a torn ligament or carpal tunnel syndrome!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Book Collection

Saturday, October 22, 2011 3 Comments
I am phasing my move back to my parents place from the rented apartment in Cyberjaya so every time I come back home I bring a bag full of stuff. This week I brought my books and clothes. 
The book cupboard at home needed re-arranging so I sorted out all my books on the eye-level "floor" and moved my mags, childhood books and my mum's novels to the topmost rack. To even out the weight in the cupboard, I sorted them high-low for the back row, and low-high for the front row
Tales from the Crpyt, Jeff Kinney and Lauren Conrad

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Road Safety & Diwali Celeb at Work

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I went to the road safety talk thinking it's going to be some lame talk but boy was I wrong. The speaker was apparently some famous guy who has been saving peoples lives for 19 years after he himself had had a freak accident and was incorrectly pronounced dead. After been given a second chance at life, he dedicated his at saving others life's' He had been on TV and the newspapers saving people more than the authorities. And seen equal amount of death along the way. I didn't carry much money with me, but he said that it is possible to email him to purchase some vital emergency kit which I think will help me in event of accident on the road. The images he shown was harrowing and reminded me of the close shaves I've had on the road myself and I can't get lucky all the time. Read:

1. Liquid based Fire extinguisher & mount
2. Window & seat belt cutter (big one with wailing siren and flashing lights)
3. Mental note: Keep the car jack in view
4. Buy Apollo brand masking tape
5. Keep a soft cloth bag of emergency kit in the car
5. Torch light
6. Pepper Spray
7. Cotton handiplasts
8. Towel and tee
9. 3 pieces of red cones
10. Flashing green jacket for emergencies
Diwali celebration at MPH
Did my glucose test (good), blood pressure (high) and heart beat (high)
The best event of the whole day, the road safety/survival talk
The pilaf rice and mock meat I had for lunch
MC had a fake American accent
Crowd was huge
Cendol for dessert

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dreams and Stamps

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So after a long tiring day of driving around, I was glad I finally reached my apartment, greeted by the silence and warmth of my room. It took me 3 cycles to wash all my colors,whites and undies. It rained last night so I think my laundry won't dry out properly till Friday! So I was watching Flapjack and drinking beers, and slept off..and had this weird dream. In my dream I was sorting out my father's stamps into the book and came across many Indian stamps that looked alike and I thought of only keeping one of the same pieces and to throw away the rest. So I added that to the book and left it as it is. Then I get an urgent mail from JPN (whatever that means) with some returned stamps and a stamp price guide book that said I have a stamp that's worth 1.4 million ringgit and I was like huh? How did the government know that? So I was recalling (yeah in my dream) and I remembered posting a few of the duplicate stamps to the government to ask how much they're worth. So I was like practically screaming with joy and called Satish to open a bank locker for us to keep the stamp in there! Then I was thinking, what a waste to throw away the rest, and if someone finds it from the garbage they're about to get filthy rich! Pun intended!

So I was flipping thru the pages of the guide book and it said that these batch of stamps were hand painted in red and white by some painter during Nehru times (because the stamp depicted him standing in an old Delhi alleyway), an empty bullock cart next to him. The painter's work got sloppier as he progressed from one tiny stamp to the other and when he was done, the sloppiest stamp was apparently worth the most and I by chance was having it! Then, in another scene, I was standing at the bank locker and the attendant was opening the locker for me with her keys, and I had forgotten the password, I think it was 3789 and she told me to wait while she went out to get the manager for me and when she returned she tried to hit me with a bar but I avoided and hit her back. She was probably tying to steal the stamp from me. Last thing I remember was running away with the stamp. Well, the dream played over and over with different endings that don't even know where to begin and where to end, but in conclusion that was one weird dream.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bull Rock, Cyberjaya

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The service may not be good, but the whole place has a laid back environment and the music was especially good tonight which helped me relax and zone out (staring at the mamak shop opposite the road) and I enjoyed drinking there. As a matter of fact just came back from Bull Rock after 3 glasses of (toned down) cocktails. I took two glasses of Jenn's imitation called Club something which was ten times tinier than the original size and the alcohol level differed from each flavor. The lime one had probably 1% of alcohol so that tasted allot like Shandy, hell even the pina colada tasted like plain pineapple juice. But the cranberry Club something had 20% (or so the bartender had stated) and that made the job. Mental note : ask for the red one next time

I went there last with Satish and since the tables from outside were piled inside, I sat at a strategic place (away from HP employees out for  supper opposite the road) and it was a good spot. There was a fan beside me and that kept me cool while I sipped my drinks with extreme leisure. Plus they didn't accept plastic and I only had like RM 45 but the tab was RM 47 but he accepted RM 45 even when I insisted on paying him with foreign currency to make up for the balance 2 bucks (with USD) So service may be way too "laid back" but at least the tab wasn't so bad

Satish is so not going to like this, but hey I don't stop HIM from fagging and drinking do I? Hell, I don't even join him. So I have tested my threshold and 3 is still manageable

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


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Here I am sitting idle and running low on self-esteem and morale to do anything but get totally wasted, and to top that off I am running low on Jameson and I'm saving the last can of Tiger for rainy days. Then it hit me! There's still a few fags in the car from Satish's leftover pack. It took me a few fags to recall how to inhale it properly but when it was done right, I was giddy in no time! But then I realised I didn't like the taste very much and it burnt my sensitive lips so I drove to the nearest sundry shop and bought me pack of Sempourna, Indonesian mint flavored fags that I could lick off my lips and it didn't burn at all. I got the minty green pack so the menthol was strong and it gave me a less feeling of "highness"

Well, that compensates..for now

Note: fagging is bad for health. You've been warned!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Death in Family

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This week had been terrible for me, I was about to finally plonk on the bed on Wednesday night when I received a disturbing call from my boyfriend about his father falling off the roof and being hospitalized. Yes, it was shocking for me, because I was just coming back to Cyber from seeing him last week-I sat for my driving test in Malacca and had passed at attempt number 2. So, with eyes barely awake, stomach growling I rummaged thru my fridge, found a bottle of stale whiskey and after a quick gulp of Jameson I drove down to Banting. It was my first time driving alone, heck it was my first time driving anywhere that far after getting my license! I told my parents to get ready and we leave at the first light of dawn to Malacca. I had hard time falling asleep, I was worried something terrible had happened, because when I had ringed my fiancee's mum she was crying on the phone. The fall must have been very hard for his dad, and the damage was bad that Satish's mum was lost for a sec. He was bleeding from his nose and ears and had gone unconscious. Within 12 hours, he had slipped into coma, and finally slipped from life altogether. In my rush to reach the hospital I scraped my car fender against the parking ramp..words weren't enough to describe the immense feeling sadness and grief when I walked into the ICU ward and heard his siblings chanting prayers surrounding his bed. I walked up to them, and my eyes swelled with tears. I think I went numb, I didn't know what to do. Just like in my grandmother's funeral when I was too numb to react, the same thing happened here also. Someone put my hand on his head and I rubbed his hair for a few times. It was still warm and soft. His hands were warm, but his whole body was swollen. I moved back and let his family continue with the praying. I messaged Satish and told him that his dad is dying...he was on life support and once the medicines stopped pumping into him, his reading went to a string of zeros. When Satish finally reached the hospital he hugged his father and cried out in pain..I think he probably blamed himself for his death but it was such an unexpected tragedy-falling off a roof while attempting to add netting to the windows, I mean from doing a routine job. It was too sad a scene, I can only imagine how hurt he must have been, all lost and lonely. I'm glad I took my Satish's advice to spend some time in Malacca with his aging parents, at least there's some good memories to go by these days....gosh can u imagine, if someone so close to your family dies unexpectantly? I think I'd go crazy, my nihilistic side of my would have taken over and blame God for everything. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Staying in Cyberjaya

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Shit, now that the final month of my stay in Crescent 1 is coming to an end I'm like in this frenzy mode looking for new place to stay. This evening, I received a call from a Chinese girl whom wants to share a master bedroom in Cyberia but I think she's lost with the concept of Smarthome. Nothing is Smart in Cyberia. The management changed so much no one bothers to replace the flickering light in the lifts, the garbage pile-up grows quicker than the cleaners clean them up! I tried explaining to her but she kept ranting about Smarthome so I left it as it is. Apparently her parents have no qualms about staying in a house with a Swede but not with an Indian. Hahaha, so much for the racist!