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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

FGS Dong Zen

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One of the biggest Buddhist temple in SouthEast Asia and it's only 15 mins drive from home. Went there last night with parents. Needed spiritual boost after a long weekend which ended with a bitter argument with Satish over his drinking habits

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chinese New Year Lunch @ Purtajaya Marriott

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They had 6-7 course lunch, and for me-vegetarianised!

And your flight attendant today is...
The menu
The starter was a traditional yee sang, this is the original version
The smaller plate was my vegetarian version
The chinese herbal tea, smelled good, tasted meh
I didn't like this soup, it was too bland and had a weird meat stock taste
The real deal-shark's fin soup
Something something chicken
Hot, melt in your mouth tofu cooked in sweet-sour lemon sauce
Fish cooked in spicy coconut milk
Vegetarian chicken (made of fermented tofu) cooked with cashews for me!
Fucking crispy popiahs
Mixed vegetable with yam pieces and shrimps
My mock fish, didn't like it so much. Note the fork and spoon (not very good with chopscticks)
Garlic fried rice (couldn't finish it all, by now I was getting full)
Red bean soup with lotus seeds. Not everyone liked it but I finished off my bowl because it was low in sugar and ugly looking but it tasted just fine to me
The special house dessert. Yellow looking thing is the Japanese mochi, a slice of cappucino cake (we also celebrated Brian's birthday) and a fried ball of lotus paste (re-used oil, smelled of meat so I l took two bites and thats it)  

Arenna D'Luxe Malacca

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Over the top. Avant garde. Two double bed, stayed during Xmas and cost of room was RM 450++ Loved it, loved it, loved it!

Coffee table at at he lobby
Leather chair in the room
Two double beds
Best bit in the room, body shower jets, with hand-held shower and overhead shower
Fancy lighting in the lobby
Bar downstairs
Vase piece in the lobby

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Weird Dream

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Weird Dream

I had a weird dream few days back. I'm my dream I was following Hare Krsna cult for a chariot procession and my dad kept passing me this tiny plastic bags of "prasads" or holy-tidbit-offerings. Then he went abroad and gave me the holy fan made of peacock feathers. I told him that is too much and to return it when I noticed a familiar face I had seen at the procession shouting OI at me and giving me a chase. I ran away from him, still clutching the fan when the dream shifted from night to day. I was teleported back in time to the Hare Krsna for kids series illustration. Everywhere were lush greeneries and fruits hanging form trees. Then at the corner of my eye, I caught glimpse of a blue bodied teenage going after a peacock. I gave him a chase, when I caught up to him, stopped him from chasing the poor peacock. I scolded him, and explained that the peacock's feathers are meant to ward off other animals, not for decorations because he had peacock feather attached to his turban and a peacock feather necklace around his neck. He grumbled and laughed off. Can you imagine, having a dream and scolding this blue boy who is actually the Hindu god Krsna. How weird is that? Suddenly, I was teleported again in my dream and I see his mum and an angry mob chasing me down with picks, axe, fire torches and sticks accusing me of kidnapping baby Krsna.

Well, thats all I can remember of my dream. 

New Year, New Rant

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I missed the Jan 1st entry, was busy holidaying but not before getting sick and throwing up and feeling nauseous the whole day, just two days before New Year. A quick trip to the doctor fixed that for both of us. Must be the rotten maggi goreng from Hassan's we had for dinner. My New Year was about to go awry again but we sorted out our indifferences and went out for drinks but because of the heavy traffic that had enveloped Malacca streets, we just managed to watch the fireworks going off atop hotel roofs. The bars we wanted to go were so packed, people couldn't move so we went to this Thai restaurant for drinks which overlooked the sea and the sea-shore bar below.

Now bigger issues at hand. We are both planning to get married this year and he had already pre-booked a trip to Paris this May. My fiancee says that he wants to check with his mum first, if it's ok to go to this trip and I have feeling that she is going to say no, so I offered to pay for fare differences and reschedule the flight to July. I hope Air Asia won't rip me off for that! I know my mum won't stop me from holidaying with my fiancee, hell for my aunt abroad shes anticipating our visiting her. Engagement is as good as marriage for my family, but given the traditionality of his mum it's hard convincing her to step out of the house as it is, and it's going to be even harder to ask her permission to Paris. Can you imagine, this damned Asian society we live in? He's 31 this year and has to ask his mum's permission to go holidaying..sigh..when will we ever learn!

Broken dream