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Wedding Makeup

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I know how some Indian people think that Chinese make up artists are better than Indian make up artists for Indian brides makeup but they are Chinese people and they will "whiten" Indian brides faces so their make up stick out like sore thumb on their wedding day. I hated this, and of course I scoured high and low for a proper wedding make up artist. I finally found one that did her work with air brush makeup. Air brush being the best way to go because it will give your face a "natural" make up sheen. When I skipped the trial and requested her for add-ons she threw in a stay back to touch up my makeup and pin my chundri on my hair 

And yes, she is a Chinese whose had experience doing dark skinned Indian brides, so after close scrutinizing and approving her work I decided to book her for my wedding. 

Name's Veron from http://www.pixie.com.my/

She is contactable at 

Update: I also think she stole my gold leaf earrings so I had to wear Priyu's during the wedding. Sigh there goes my 3K worth of gold

Wedding VideoGrapher

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Well, since doodle.com.my was out of the price range, we decided to opt for someone else  namely Alan from shoot.com.my
I was impressed with this work, he even did a wedding party on a boat. His prices were reasonable also and he is giving us the following package for the wedding

Full editing for music & title + Menu & Chapter Selection
Graphic & Special effect
Camera Type : Panasonic camera
Video shooting on SD(16.9) broadcast format
2 videographer on site.
Post Production with :-
1 set 5min MTV montage Jpeg file
2 set 45min to 1 hours full video clip jpeg file
1 set Raw video DVD

Altough his pronounced English isn't very good he was a good character and gave some information on the videography itself. He is contactable at

No:21A,Jalan PP2/1 Putra Prima,
47100,Puchong Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel :016-323 8847,Fax :03-8062 7558
Website :www.shoot.com.my

I have seen many people's wedding albums and some are downright unpresentable. They images are not sharp, the same dull pixeled images were being reused to form flowers type images stacked on multiple pages. This was just too much for me, I didn't tell these people that their wedding album sucked high time. I politely told them it is nice. Those were my exact words. No blessed with looks, I made polite comments skewing away from their looks and makeup and dressing. You know how Indian brides look like on their wedding day, their brown bodies with their "whiten" faces. It's just not right

Wedding Lunch

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Ah, this is indeed the most heaviest topic of discussion for weddings which also resulted in many a heated arguments among myself and my fiance. Sit down or buffet style? What kind of food will please people? What kind of drink goes with curried food? We both have different ideas for the wedding lunch and since this bit was sponsored by my aunt and mum they wanted to give us something for the wedding and to be done their way, since everything else is borne by me and him. I am grateful, at least one less thing I don't have to deal with. But my fiancee had other ideas so I was naturally inclined to his ideas but my mum and aunt had their own ideas so here I am in the middle. I wish she hadn't got so involved I hate too many cooks I know they will ruin my soup

Finally it dawned upon me this morning when I realised that my wedding guests have dwindled because 
A. the wedding is on a weekday 
B. people close to us are too lazy to take off work and show up for the wedding 
C. people are working on Friday and they can't get leave on that day

After putting down the phone I was running words in my minds, how they're going to play out when I tell my fiancee this news, and sure enough he was beyond pissed and he said he will let go this one. Its his way of telling I fucked up and its my fault. Sigh And this would mean that we won't be able to manage where guests will seat, because naturally people will move about and seat where they like if the sit down lunch isn't served

Anyways, if anyone wants to know which caterer can cook up good Indian food, at a reasonable price then please look for Harsheel Sidhu they make one of the best carrot dessert I have ever tasted. My wedding menu is going to look like this

Mini Samosas, Tea and Cordial Drink- Starters which will be served after the guests have settled in

Jeera Rice


Chana Gravy

Butter Paneer

Tawa Sabji

Aloo Bengan

Mock Chicken Masala

Dahi Bundi

Gajar Halwa

Cordial Drink

They're contactable at


No. 30 , Jalan Sibu 8 , Taman Wahyu

68100 Kuala Lumpur

H/P:012-3982991 / 016-3389125

FAX : 03-62514980

E- MAIL : hasheelsidhu@yahoo.com

Mdm Updesh Gill of Hasheel Sidhu
( H/P : 012-3982991 ) or hasheelsidhu@yahoo.com

Door Gifts

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For our wedding, we decided to have chocolate covered, almond encrusted dates to give away to the wedding guests. After a long and hard search we finally came across an Indian Muslim lady based in Puchong that did this at the price of 50 cents each (our order is huge), and since she has only just begun her business she didn't charge so much. We went to her place in Puchong and paid the deposit and the remainder once its completed. 

Her online business starts is called Nowfal Chocolates and her address is :

No.39, Jalan Mawar,
Taman Puchong Perdana,
47100 Puchong, Selangor.
(opposite Masjid As-Salam)

She is contactable at nowfalchocolates@gmail.com or you can find her phone number at http://nowfalchocolates.blogspot.com/

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wedding Night

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Because his house will be sardined with people and infants we've booked ourselves a cosy little room in Wayfarer. I hope as hell no one leaves their babes' diapers on the bed for us to "cuddle" with once we get back to reality.

On the first day, we'll be sleeping like this, like in the chamber of kings

Then onwards, once we get back home, since everyone will pretty much be sandwiched between each other, because no one wants to go back to their houses yet, they'd probably want to linger around and bask in the happiness...
haha kidding

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Shell Scrip to Monitor Process and Script Availability

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The script does the following 4 things

  •  checks if the script is running; displays time-stamped result into /var/log/messages
  • checks if the script is not running; displays time-stamped result into /var/log/messages
  • checks if the process is running; displays time-stamped result into /var/log/messages
  • checks if the process is not running; displays time-stamped result into /var/log/messages

You may replace the $SERVICE to any other process running on the server. To add this to crontab to run at 1 min interval use the following syntax

* * * * * /usr/local/bin/

Sample outputs

Friday, November 2, 2012

AIX : Displaying non-printable charatcers in files & directories

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What happens when you find yourself in a situation where you're totally unable to make changes in a file no matter how much you diff the content of the file. It's because when you had created the contents in the first place, you may have hit a non-printable key on your keyboard, like Shift + G or ^I or something like that

So what do you do to fix this problem? Why you go back to basics. You FIND the non-printable characters first!

Use the cat command with these three options to give you a good idea on how the file was created:

-v = displays non-printing characters as visible characters
-t = displays tab characters as ^I
-e = displays a $ at the end of each line

# cat myfile
This  file has tabs and spaces and ends with a return

# cat -vte myfile
This ^file^G has tabs and spaces and ends^I with a return$

Then there are also times when you list the contents of a directory and you see the file you want to work with but you cannot access it. It might be because you accidentally pressed a control character while creating the name of the file. 

View the contents of the directory by piping the output of ls to cat using its varied options. Identify what the probem is with the file name you are trying to access.

# ls
greatfile myfile

# rm greatfile
No such file

# ls | cat -vt

To fix this file, use one of these three methods!

If you do not need the file any longer, remove it but ensure you key in the control character as part of the file name

1. rm ^Ggreatfile

If you need to keep the file, rename it, also ensuring that you include the control characters as part of the source file name

2. mv ^Ggreatfile greatfile

If you cannot remove the file using method 1, find the i-node number of the file and use the find command with the -inum expression

3. ls -i
130 ^Ggreatfile 127 myfile
find . -inum 130 -exec rm {}\;     *** use rm command with care~

And that folks is how you fix it!