Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Food Review: Iranian Saffron

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We went to Al Meera Hypermarket located near the airport, and among locally produced products they also sold saffron. Of course, these expensive babies were stored in a locked glass box behind the bags counter. Because saffron is off season now, the glass box wasn't even locked properly, and the key was dangling on its key hole. But they were cheap, cheaper than Spanish saffron and even cheaper after I converted and did the math in Ringgit

The cheapest saffron was 17 riyals for 2 grams but it wasn't the best saffron, the darker the shade of red saffron, the better it is

Food Review: Bombay Chowpatty

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This shack sells a lot of wares, from kachoris to bhel puris. The shacks here are usually attached to a shopping mall, protruding like a sore addition to a perfectly smooth face. They have tons of vegetarian snack food up for your selection; depending on what kind of snack person you are

Are you a samosa and tea person?

Are you a bhel puri and buttermilk person?

Are you a dahi waffle and juice person?

By now you'd probably figure out what they sell. The only downside of Bombay Chowpatty is that they're located so far away from West Bay. All their branches are in places where there is a high density of Indian expats, like near the airport. I wished they had a branch in City Center. But oh well, whatever. We had their karak and it was too sweet. I find the karak here way too sweet for my taste buds

The guy didn't allow me to take any more pictures than I already did so are the pictures after the jump. Taken in Al Meera Hypermarket Airport branch-it's right behind Family Food Center, you won't miss it

You can see the glass casing with all the fried puri they use and a not very happy guy behind the counter

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Food Review: Tofu and Cake Place in Megamart on Salwa Road

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We went there twice after I introduced Satish to it, I used to go here with my friend Nurina when she was still in Doha but she had relocated to Cambodia so well, here we were eating tofu and heavenly ketupat in a run down mall. The restaurant itself is small, and alot of businesses in the premise had either shutdown or relocated to a better place. All in all, the food was tasty and flavorfull. You know sometimes I always say that the best meal comes out of a small shack? This place is really it. In addition to authentic Indonesian food, they also sell Teh Botol, the famous Indonesian tea that comes in Tetra pak

This time I managed to get their contact numbers so I have them posted at the end of this post

The keredok

The Fried Tofu and dipping sambal

The ketupat and fried tofu drenched in sweet and spicy peanut sauce

The address:

The Tofu and Cake Restaurant
In old building across Megamart
Tel: 44670629
Mobile: 33406248 and 55442471
Email address:

Doha Review: Monoprix Supermarket West Bay

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What do you do if you are craving for your traditional food when you are so many miles away from home? You shop at Monoprix of course! Monoprix you say? Well, they are very new, and have very well stocked imported food. When I say imported I mean Monoprix-imported. Monoprix is an upscale French chain that sells all kinds of French food and drinks; at a hefty price tag. When I say hefty I mean hefty. A small can of oil will set you back 150 riyals. A soda will cost you 50 riyals. Not to mentioned a kilogram of salami will burn a hole in your pocket. Even the goddamn cheese selection are no less than 18 riyals. The shopping mall looks new, it's clean and tidy and while they stock local and other essential (affordable) products you will go flabbergasted with the wide range of French products they have on stock. They have French grown courgette (45 riyals for two sticks) French grapes, even fresh bread flown in from France. In my opinion the best things they had were the generous selection of ice cream tubs and fresh strawberries. They were by far the biggest strawberries I have seen in my life and they tasted way way better than the American, Armenian and Jordan strawberries you get in Carrefour down the road. Monoprix also carry several French retailers so if you're looking to do your clothes shopping you can do it there too. I couldn't help noticing the trolleys the Qatari ladies were hauling. It was laden with all kind of goodies.

How can they afford such expensive things in laden? 

Well, I guess that's why Monoprix can afford to run in Qatar. If the expats can't afford to buy the cranberries flavoured salt then you can count on the locals to do that for you

The second best part of the shopping experience? They give paper bags! 

The third best part of the supermarket? Electronic price tags!

Here are some pictures of the supermarket after the jump

Gluten Free, Organic Food and Cereals

Believe it not, the Organic food was cheaper than the normal stuff

Dairy Products, Frozen Food and Ice Cream

 We bought this bite sized cheese bites and it was really good!

I  just couldn't resist...

 Wohoo, is it Christmas already?

Lentils, Canned Goods and Pasta

Fresh Meat, Fresh Cheese and Ready-to-Eat

Just look at the prices will you? Thank God I'm a vegetarian

Hi, I am the Iranian caviar and I cost 405 riyals!

Imported & Local Vegetables and Spices

Strawberries, pineapples, rambutans and peaches

Candies, Chocolates and Baby Food


You can't get alcoholic drinks here, but you can buy the mixers here and make your own cocktails in your house~

Grenadine-like drinks

We bought a few things and the tab came up to 143 riyals

Doha Review: Anise Tea

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The other day, the husband and I did some "Indian grocery" shopping at Family Food Centre near Airport. Among other things, he picked a tea box with a picture of anise on it. Anise tea. Who would have thought they have it here or that it even existed. Today I boiled a single sachet in water. It had a great aroma. For that I will rate it 10/10 And that's the furthest I will go for this tea. The first sip. It tasted like my mum's 10 year old lipstick wax. So horrible it was, that it instantly reminded me of old lipstick. You know you can smell the wax off the dried/soggy lipstick

I don't know why anyone would even buy this crap, and God know what manufacturer puts in the tea bags

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Reception Dress

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Every time I go back to Malaysia, I never seem to make time for myself for anything. I squeeze all my shopping in a limited time span, and this time span gets shorter and shorter every time I return. Both of us usually end up being the dogs in his family. So many errands, so many people, so less time, and so many unlawful unrealistic demands!

Anyways, enough gossip and let me talk about something nice. For weeks I have been pestering my husband to do evening dress shopping with me, but somehow we end up in Champions more than the fitting rooms in the malls so I gave up and decided to search online on my favorite online retailer. This time I got him involved and we both searched for a dress that we both liked. Finally we settled on a net dress with an attached silver sequin belt and back collar. I must say that the dress is rather off my budget but hell I can wear it when I am here so I got it!

Here are some pictures of the dress I bought online. I hope my nosy people are not reading this, heavens forbid these shabby dressers

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Drunk Cooking

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I hate coming back home after drinks and then making dinner. I mess up my portable kitchen, I forgot how I grossly overcooked and I forget how messy it can get cleaning up the next day. I hate it I hate it I hate it. But we have so much of food to finish I had no choice but to cook. And the worse part is the selfies I take in my lingerie and burns I get which only hurts the next day

The before when everything is hunky dory

The pictures from the restroom. Check out the gilded mirrors, the scented sticks and the handwash + hand lotion duo

The after
Making red cabbage fried rice and vegetarian mutton curry